You live a certain kind of lifestyle because you were successful in something along the way, we understand that. Hiring staff to live and work in your home isn't easy because personalities can clash, privacy can be breached and security can easily become compromised in the blink of an eye. You should always feel comfortable around those who roam the floors inside the walls of your nest.

This is where we come in literally, helping you to find the perfect match to your most personal needs. Think of Mansion Staffing as your assistant, tell us what you need, and tell us when you need it. We will always be there for you.

Welcome to our virtual office, we'd like for you to relax and make yourself at home, look around and call on us when you need us. As a private domestic staffing consultancy and recruitment firm, we do things different and we guarantee you'll like our ways, you'll like our candor and you'll like our promises to you as our most valued client.