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We open doors for everyone we come in contact with. Whether you're a domestic professional or the owner of a large home, we recruit all facets of domestic staff, including but not limited to domestic housekeepers, house managers, butlers, chefs, housemen, personal assistants, estate managers, caretakers and couples for jobs in private homes. If it's a job in a private home, we specialize in locating and recruiting the right people for it no matter their title...

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-We know what you need no matter who you are-

Over the course of three decades, we've established solid roots in the art of private service

About Mansion Staffing

Mansion Staffing was founded by a gentleman who spent 3 decades working in private homes of some of the world's wealthiest people, and he wore every HAT imaginable for those he served. With that experience, he's achieved an eye for excellence and never settles for second best of anything, including a person's work ethic. He often heard that his job wasn't a popularity contest, that he would encounter people who didn't like him or his standards dictated throughout the estates he managed. Whether hiring domestic staff to fill positions in those homes or hiring contractors to perform renovations and repairs, he developed and maintained a zero tolerance policy for not doing things right the first time. Any other way was proven to be a waste of time and his employer's money.

When he started his career in Mansions, it was the early 90's in Palm Beach, FL. His goal at the time was to live in one of the enormous homes he saw there, and figured to do so; he would need to get a job in one of them. He called upon many domestic employment agencies over time to seek jobs in private service as well as landing interviews himself, however in his 3 decades of service in private homes, he heard firsthand the things wealthy homeowners didn't like about domestic agencies. With that knowledge and his experience serving the rich, he decided to develop a better method of finding and recruiting private domestic staff for others. The year was 2011 and Mansion Staffing was born.

-If you require staff to make your life more comfortable, Mansion Staffing should be your first choice unless you want second choice servants working in your home. It's not a popularity contest, rather it's your life, your privacy and your desires to get anything you want.

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We ask that you connect with us on LinkedIn, it's where we source people for positions. The email address to connect is on our LinkedIn profile. Our recruitment staff monitors LinkedIn for the best talent, so please be sure to link up so we can consider you for any positions that may arise.